Welcome To Tesla club AUSTRIA

We are a group of Tesla drivers and fans from Austria and many other countries like switzerland, germany, sweden, italy, slovenia, ... 


We organize exclusive events for our club members like Silence Rallye (www.silence-rallye.at) or other winter driving experiences, road trips, technical workshops, ... 

We help our members if they have questions about their Tesla or if they want to have advice where to charge or to stay in Austria during the holiday. 

Together with some club partners we offer special deals at hotels for club members. We also get some discount for several products or Tesla related services. 

You can join our group if you are interested in participating at our exclusive events, meet new tesla friends or if you want to have access to special deals for our club members. The annual member fee is € 100,- if you own a Tesla. 


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Important information:
With this registration you will get information regarding Tesla Club Austria via E-Mail. We will use your data only for administration purpose and not for advertising. Please be aware, that when you attend an Tesla Club event that there might be photos and videos taken with you on it.